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CT scanners measure tiny brains of Dromornis stirtoni — a 600kg prehistoric bird that roamed North West Queensland – ABC News

The world’s largest-ever flightless bird weighed up to 600kg and stood up to 3m tall but had little space in its skull for a brain, according to new research.



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The largest flightless bird ever to have walked the earth may have weighed up to 600 kilograms, but recent research has shown its skull had little room for a brain.
Key points:

  • The Dromornis stirtoni stood up to 3 metres tall and weighed up to 600 kilograms 
  • Five skulls of the animal were scanned with CT technology as part of a research project
  • The world heritage-listed Riversleigh fossil site was “crucial” to the research

Lead author of a recent study and Flinders University researcher, Warren Handley,…

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