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ASIO boss Mike Burgess says agency is ditching ‘Islamic’ and ‘right-wing’ tags, will now refer to ‘religious’ or ‘ideological’ violence – ABC News

ASIO will now use the umbrella terms of “religiously motivated violent extremism” and “ideologically motivated violent extremism” to describe those seeking to do…



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Australia’s domestic intelligence agency will avoid referring to “Islamic extremism” and “right wing extremism” and has revealed it last year disrupted a foreign “nest of spies” who were seeking access to sensitive defence secrets.
Key points:

  • ASIO will no longer refer to “far-right”,”far-left” or “Islamic” extremism
  • The Director-General says ideological extremists are, on average, men around the age of 25
  • Mike Burgess also revealed ASIO remove a “nest of spies” from Australia last year


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