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Lou Ottens, the cassette tape’s inventor, passed away last week. He left a huge legacy for recorded music – ABC News

Until Lou Ottens invented the cassette tape the relationship between music and the audience was simple. You could listen to it when it was played live. You listened…



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A few years ago I was moving house. Cleaning up, getting rid of all the junk (I thought), when I came upon a drawer full of cassettes.
That’s right, the very audio cassettes that Lou Ottens who passed away last week helped pioneer back in the early ’60s. It was a treasure trove: Cream, REM, Van Morrison and of course The Rolling Stones.
What to do with them? Or to (nearly) quote The Clash, “should they stay or should they go?”.
Mark Bannerman found a drawer full of old cassette tapes holding a…

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