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AFR Summit 2021 UPDATES LIVE: Scott Morrison, David Solomon, Mohamed El-Erian, Peter Costello, Elizabeth Gaines, Matt Comyn, Alan Joyce, Gladys Berejiklian – The Australian Financial Review

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is kicking off the Financial Review’s Business Summit, followed by global Goldman Sachs chairman David Solomon, and Allianz chief…



Mr Morrison has a few words on the state border closures:
I understand the frustration. One thing we have learnt during the past year is that states have some sovereign responsibility, he says.
Wherever possible we seek to have some consistency. What were now doing this year I think is very different to 2020. The risk has changed.
When you dont have a vaccine, when youre building up your health system and youre highly vulnerable at the beginning of a pandemic youre going to be more cautious.

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