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Some of NVIDIA’s CMP mining chips will leverage the 12nm Turing architecture: however, specs indicate that CMP 50HX and CMP 90HX could put supply pressure on Ampere gaming cards –

A Videocardz report indicates that NVIDIA’s upcoming CMP (cryptocurrency mining processors) will be variants on last-gen Turing parts. The CMP 40HX will be based…



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Videocardz recently reported that NVIDIA’s upcoming CMP crypto mining cards won’t use Ampere GPUs, but will leverage older Turing hardware built on the 12nm process. This could come as a boon for those worried that the introduction of CMP would further constrain the supply of NVIDIA’s 8nm Ampere GPUs. Thankfully, it appears as though these Turing-based crypto mining cards will not have an impact on Ampere supply. 
According to the report, the CMP 30HX, which NVIDIA earlier cited as having an ETH…

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