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Lyrebirds may mimic sound of ‘mobbing’ flock of birds to trick females into mating, study says – ABC News

When a female lyrebird tries to leave a male courting her, he pretends there’s a predator around and mimics a “mobbing flock” alarm in what appears to be an attempt…



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Are male lyrebirds lying to get the girl? It looks like they might be, say researchers.
Key points:

  • Male lyrebirds are known to be clever mimics
  • Now they have been recorded imitating, with “remarkable accuracy”, a flock of birds sounding a predator alarm
  • Scientists think this false signal of danger is designed to scare females into mating with them

Lyrebirds are famous for their mimicry, but a new study suggests their calls aren’t always “honest” signals.
It found when a female lyrebird goes to leave…

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