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The Snapdragon 888 version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra proves slower, but possibly more stable, than the Xiaomi Mi 11 in a new video –

Earlier, the YouTuber Frankie Tech tested the Xiaomi Mi 11 and iQOO 7 – the only phones with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor at the time – in terms of their…



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The vlogger Frankie Tech has recently posted a video in which the Xiaomi Mi 11 took on the iQOO 7 (the first- and second-ever Snapdragon 888-based devices to launch respectively) in what he calls an “AnTuTu throttling test”, in which the phones in question run the benchmark’s app at least 3 times over to see if their scores drop in response to this kind of sustained load. Unfortunately, that was the case with both new phones on that occasion, with the 7 even becoming too hot to complete the test.

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