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Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs Through eBay, StockX – PCMag AU

The scalpers have raked in an estimated $61.5 million in sales, with $15.2 million made in profit, according to analysis from data engineer Michael Driscoll.



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(Credit: eBay)
Scalpers have sold close to 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 graphics cards on eBay and sneaker site StockX, often at double the normal pricing, according to new analysis. 
Its no secret the RTX 3000 graphics cards are getting resold at insane prices. However, a Chicago-based data engineer named Michael Driscoll has been tracking sales on eBay using a computer script to understand the full scope of the scalping. 
On Tuesday, he provided an update on the RTX 3000 sales after previously reporting…

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