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Sony A1 vs Sony A9 II vs Sony A7R IV: they can’t ALL be the best! – Digital Camera World

Sony’s announcement of the Sony A1 has really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Which camera should you choose now?



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The new Sony A1 looks amazing, but it also creates a lot of questions. Where does it fit in the Sony Alpha range, where does it leave the Sony A9 II and A7R IV, and which of these cameras is best?
Good though the Sony A1 is, the other two cameras in this comparison still have their advantages, so lets break down whats new in the A1 and where the others stand now.
1. Sensor and resolution
Sony A1: 50MP stacked BSI CMOS Sony A9 II: 24MP stacked BSI CMOS Sony A7R IV: 61MP BSI CMOS
All three cameras…

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