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US politics live updates: Top House Republican announces support for impeaching Donald Trump as Congress readies vote on 25th amendment – ABC News

Top House Republican Liz Cheney issues a scathing statement blaming Donald Trump for the attacks on the US Capitol and announcing her support for his impeachment….



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Who is Liz Cheney?
So who is Liz Cheney and why is her vote to impeach such big news? Hard to know whose the top dog in the zoo, American politics is so messy!-Liz Cheney who?
She’s an undisputed Big Deal in the Republican Party. She’s been a member of Congress as the representative from Wyoming since 2017 (she won election the same year Donald Trump won the White House). But as the daughter of former vice-president Dick Cheney, she’s been a powerbroker in the Republican party for a long time before…

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