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Giving up alcohol for 12 months — how I broke the grog habit and changed my life along the way – ABC News

New Year’s Eve has passed and it’s almost mid-January. If your resolution was to go booze free, your resolve may well be waning. I’ve got some advice for you, writes…



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I got pretty drunk on New Year’s Eve 2019. Not staggeringly, not embarrassingly, just your standard end-of-year celebration blotto.
I’d already decided to “take some time off alcohol” as many do on January 1. I was overweight and my thinking felt slow. My sons called me Fatty, bless ’em.
As we start to head back to work after the break, your resolve to stay off the grog might well be waning. After a bit of a false start last year, I managed to knuckle down and have an alcohol-free year.
I’ve been…

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