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NSW-Victoria border closure leaves people racing to find a way back home before enforced quarantine – ABC News

Victorians have had to change their plans in a last-minute scramble to get across the border before hotel quarantine kicks in. It was a kick in the teeth for some…



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It took just one news notification to wreck the night Stella McNab had been waiting months for.
Key points:

  • Stella McNab is one of many Victorians who had to rush back from holidays in NSW
  • She had gone to visit her closest friend in Wagga Wagga after not seeing her since March
  • Thousands of people queued for hours in a bid to avoid quarantining for 14 days

The 21-year-old Melbourne student caught a train to Wagga Wagga on Wednesday, to spend the new year with her best friend.
The pair had not seen…

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