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Mayfield Group are well known for their extensive fleet of earthmoving and heavy mining equipment. What you might not know is how one of their smaller pieces of equipment is making a very big impact.

For the last couple of years, Mayfield Group has been working with the RFS, helping to prevent and minimise bushfires in our region. When bushfires start, an important goal is to predict the path of the fire and then send in equipment to create firebreaks and to clear tracks to allow access.

That’s where Mayfield Group’s CAT D6K dozer comes in. This little machine has a very big job. It’s been sent into areas such as Myall Lakes National Park and Watagan State Forest, handling the tough terrain to create easier access for the fire fighting vehicles and to create firebreaks to keep fires from spreading.

“It’s a beaut piece of equipment,” said operator Matthew Jones. “It has a 6-way blade which makes it different from a typical dozer and works instead more like a grader. It’s small and capable, really a perfect fit for this type of work. I have to say in 20 years of operating machinery this has to be one of the handiest machines I’ve operated.”

When Mayfield Group began assisting the RFS, Matthew was quick to put his hand up for the job, having worked with the RFS previously when he lived in the Blue Mountains.

“Most days I’m working on rehab projects on mine sites which is great, but assisting the RFS and knowing I’m helping keep our community safer is something I love being a part of. The whole team here at Mayfield Group are all behind it.”

Mayfield Group General Manager, John Hamson said that though the company normally focuses on mine rehabilitation and general works they jumped at the chance to provide their services to the RFS.

“We are on standby ready to go whenever we are needed,” said John. “The dozer is housed at Ravensworth and Glencore have been simply fantastic in allowing us to pull the dozer off any work it might be doing and get it to where it’s needed, even if it means delaying work. We are also lucky that Bower Heavy Haulage are on call anytime to get it transported to where it’s needed. It’s a real team effort that we are very proud to be involved in.”

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