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Some Australians are racking up dozens of COVID-19 tests. One expert says ‘pooled testing’ could help – ABC News

Some Australians have had dozens of coronavirus tests this year. But as case numbers dwindle, one expert says the country is now primed to try “pooled testing”…



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By the time you read this, Jeff will have just had his 15th coronavirus test.
Key points:

  • Allergies, day care and border restrictions have contributed to the millions of tests
  • A professor says Australia is a prime candidate for “pooled testing”
  • He says it is possible to test targeted populations for COVID-19 every week

So far, they’ve all been negative. Phew!
He will rack up about 30 before the year is over.
“The first half a dozen I wasn’t too fussed about it, but I’m over it now,” he said.

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