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Sacked V/Line boss asked Transclean head to approach ‘friends’ for loan, IBAC told – The Age

Some of the money paid by a Transclean employee to sacked V/Line boss James Pinder to cover the deposit of his $2.5 million home was derived from the cleaning contractor…



The IBAC hearings are investigating serious corruption allegations that public officials were paid off by Transclean while they oversaw taxpayer-funded cleaning contracts.
This is the third corruption probe into the regional rail operator, V/Line, in five years and the second probe into V/Line in three years.
On Friday, Transclean’s Mr Haritos was grilled about the source of a $320,000 loan that was paid to Mr Pinder that covered the deposit on his home in 2018.
Mr Pinder had asked Mr Haritos if…

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