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PS5 pre-order latest: Double dose of good news about wave 3 pre-order stock – Express

PS5 fans eagerly awaiting the wave 3 pre-order stock have been delivered a double dose of good news. Here’s the latest on the PlayStation 5 pre-orders.



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PS5 pre-orders are sold out everywhere, but rumour has it a batch of wave 3 stock will be dropping imminently. So far there has been two main batches of PS5 pre-orders in the UK – the first which launched on September 17 and the second that arrived around September 25. These PS5 pre-orders sold out in minutes but there’s reason to hope things will be better with the rumoured wave 3 stock drop.That’s because it’s rumoured the PS5 wave 3 pre-order stock will be the “largest shipment” yet, which sh…

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