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Sabrent Rocket Q4 NVMe 2TB SSD Review – TweakTown

Naturally, Sabrent is first to slap a Gen4 interface on a QLC SSD. Here’s our full review of the Rocket Q4 NVMe drive at 2TB.



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Introduction & Drive Details
One thing we’ve learned about Sabrent is they are the most forward-thinking SSD company. So, it comes as no surprise that Sabrent is first to market with a Gen4 powered QLC SSD. The Rocket Q4 NVMe Series SSDs follow along the same “Capacity is King” path that has been forged almost single-handedly by Sabrent. As such, the smallest capacity available is 1TB.
We are now in the era of 2TB being the sweet spot for fast NVMe storage, and that is exactly what we have…

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