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China foreign ministry denies claims of mosque destruction in Xinjiang Uyghurs Autonomous Region – ABC News

China says there is one mosque for every 530 Muslims in Xinjiang as it responds to a report that claims it is destroying holy sites and places of worship as part of a plot to erase Uyghur language and culture.



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China’s foreign ministry has denied claims from an Australian thinktank that it had destroyed thousands of mosques in its western Xinjiang region.
Key points:

  • China says there are more than 10 times the amount of mosques in Xinjiang than there are in the US
  • The research says the mosques were destroyed as part of a plan to erase Uyghur language and culture
  • China has denied mistreating Uyghurs and calls the report “lies” and “slanderous rumours”

In responding t…

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