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Obsidian now unsure of ‘Fallout New Vegas 2’ after Microsoft-Bethesda deal – Micky News

Microsoft just acquired Zenimax and its companies in a massive $7.5 billion deal. For Obsidian Entertainment, this makes Fallout New Vegas 2 sound even less of



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Since Fallout 76 and the somewhat lackluster Fallout 4, the Fallout series has been stale as of late. The last entry in the series that had fans happy was Fallout New Vegas for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Because of its success, fans are looking for Fallout New Vegas 2.
Microsoft has recently bought Zenimax Inc. for $7.5 billion. Along with it are various companies and series that Microsoft now owns. However, Obsidian Entertainment is not a part of Zenimax, but Fallout is. What happens…

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