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Next week, two Asteroids will pass from Earth on the same day, the difference will be a few hours – Pledge Times

Eye on 22 asteroids for 100 yearsAccording to the US space agency NASA, there are about 22 asteroids (meteorites) that may come closer to the Earth in the



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WashingtonUS space agency NASA is monitoring two asteroids coming next week. The special thing is that these two are going to pass through the Earth’s orbit at a difference of a few hours. Both of these asteroids belong to the Apollo class, that is, they will pass through the Earth’s orbit. However, there is no fear of any damage to the earth.
The first asteroid is 2020RO, which can be between 59 meters and 130 meters in size. It will pass at 11.84 km / h on September 25 at 00:10 EST (Eastern S…

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