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Meet Jawsh 685, the New Zealand teen behind Jason Derulo’s hit song ‘Savage Love’ – ABC News

Jawsh 685 says his video collaboration with RnB singer Jason Derulo for their hit song Savage Love is about celebrating his culture, friends and family.



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A New Zealand teenager has this month experienced what most people his age can only dream of: collaborating with the world-famous RnB singer Jason Derulo to release a music video for a hit song.
Josh Nanai, a 17-year-old musician known professionally as Jawsh 685, created a track called Laxed (Siren Beat) in July last year, which was later used in a viral trend on the social media platform TikTok.
Nanai, a Samoan-Cook Islander, said he created the beat in his bedroom after school one day and h…

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