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Charlie Kaufman film I’m Thinking of Ending Things delves into the horror of the human condition – ABC News

Charlie Kaufman’s new Netflix film is like Tenet for bookish depressives as we watch a couple, and their identities, explode.



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“I’m thinking of ending things”: the title of Charlie Kaufman’s peculiar new feature, his first since 2015’s Anomalisa, is the idea niggling at Lucy (Jessie Buckley, Wild Rose) as she sets off on a road trip with her new-ish boyfriend Jake (Jesse Plemons, The Irishman), bound for his parents’ farm out in the frosty boondocks.
She’s actually not quite sure how long they’ve been going out is it four weeks? six? seven? but however long it’s been (and it feels like forever), she’s already got one f…

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