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Perth man receives six-month jail term over coronavirus hotel quarantine breach – ABC News

A 31-year-old Perth man found hiding in his girlfriend’s cupboard when he was supposed to be in quarantine receives a six-month jail term for repeatedly leaving his hotel by climbing down a ladder placed in an alleyway by an accomplice.



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A 31-year-old Perth man who repeatedly breached Western Australia’s strict COVID-19 quarantine laws by using a ladder to sneak in out and of his hotel to see his girlfriend has received a six-month jail term, but will only spend one month behind bars after the rest of his sentence was suspended.
Key points:

  • 31-year-old Yusuf Karakaya was in quarantine in a Perth hotel
  • He repeatedly used a ladder to escape with the help of an accomplice
  • Karakaya’s lawyer argued WA’s qua…

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