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Nimbus unveils world’s highest capacity SSD: record-breaking 64TB – TweakTown

Nimbus Data’s new ExaDrive NL is the world’s highest capacity QLC flash SSD, offering 64TB in a single SSD — an amazing feat.



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Nimbus Data have just unveiled their latest SSD, which is now the world’s highest-capacity QLC flash SSD in the new ExaDrive NL SSD.
The new ExaDrive NL offers an incredible 64TB in a single SSD, whcih the company says is aimed at companies who want to replace their existing mechanical HDDs (that are normally much larger than traditional SSDs) with their new ExaDrive NL with 64TB on-tap in SSD form.
Nimbus Data’s new ExaDrive NL comes in a larger 3.5-inch form factor, just like any other enter…

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