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From Nicki Minaj to FrankenMary, the Virgin Mary keeps on appearing in pop culture. This is why – ABC News

Catholics believe Mary was born free from sin and remained a virgin throughout her married life. So, why is the Holy Mother an inspiration for hyper-sexual pregnancy photos and kitsch pop culture figurines?



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When a hyper-sexualised rap artist channels the most holy “Mother of God”, is it blasphemy or art?
It can be both, says Matthew Tan, a senior lecturer in theology at University of Notre Dame.
“Operations of grace can actually be at work, even in attempts at transgression and blasphemy,” he says.
“If anything, it can communicate a very profound truth: that God can even be at work in these depictions.”
This includes depictions, he says, like David LaChapelle’s photograph of rapper Nicki Minaj,…

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