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Australia Remastered restores ABC Natural History Unit films, not seen for decades, to share with a new audience – ABC News

Spanning more than 30 years, the ABC’s Natural History Unit pioneered new techniques in wildlife cinematography and produced scores of award-winning films. Much of it has been unseen for decades, but now, thousands of film reels have been restored to share wi…



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Forget movies, soapies or reality TV shows.
For wildlife documentary maker Jeremy Hogarth, there’s nothing more compelling than watching life unfold in the natural world.
“It’s the drama. Within nature there are all the elements of drama that make a great story,” says Hogarth.
“There’s competition, there’s aggression, there’s submission, individual animals are doing what they do because that’s what they’re basically hardwired to do.
“For example, in a mob of kangaroos, a male kangaroo must b…

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