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Samsung Accidentally Posts Galaxy Z Fold2 Price Online – PCMag AU

Though the £1,799 price for the UK market might seem high, it’s less than the £1,900 Samsung charged for the first-gen Galaxy Fold across the pond. Expect more details on Sept. 1.



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(Credit: Samsung)
As Samsung prepares to launch the Galaxy Z Fold2, the big question is, how much will it cost?
The company may have let the cat out of the bag itself when its UK website briefly added a £1,799 price tag to the foldable phone on Thursday. It was removed after journalists took notice.
(Credit: Samsung)When converted into US currency, £1,799 is $2,398far more than the $1,980 (£1,483) cost of the original Galaxy Fold. That’s unlikely to be the Z Fold2’s US price, however, since l…

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