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Anne Geddes on her baby photography empire, iPhone photography and surviving the Internet – ABC News

Anointed by Oprah, Anne Geddes shot to fame in the 90s with fantastical photos of babies in flower pots. But she says her baby photographs are more relevant than ever.



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One of the lasting images of the 90s might be a baby sitting snug in a flower pot, head adorned with blossoms.
Looking at those images in 2020, there’s a whimsical sweetness to them that can cut through to even the cold, broken soul of a Victorian months into an interminable COVID-19 lockdown.
“I used to moan to my husband: ‘Have I got a flower pot tattooed on my forehead?’ Because that’s all people would talk about,” photographer Anne Geddes told RN’s Stop Everything! recently.
Geddes’ phot…

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