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The Tesla Cybertruck Might Never Come to Australia But You Can Still Reserve One For $150 – Gizmodo Australia

By Elon Musk’s own omission, the meme-worthy Cybertruck may never land in Australia but you can still join the waiting list for $150 if you’re in denial.



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By Elon Musks own admission, the meme-worthy Tesla Cybertruck may never land in Australia. But you can still join the $150 wait list if youre in denial.
Musk told Automative News in early August the Cybertruck was never really intended to be sold outside of North America.
We sort of made the decision to not make this a world truck, Musk said.
So it doesnt comply with a lot of specifications, like it doesnt comply with EUs specs and stuff Maybe we can get, I dont know, some exceptions to EU ru…

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