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Alexei Navalny has long been a fierce critic of the Kremlin. If he was poisoned, why now? And what does it mean? – The Conversation AU

Navalny has long been targeted by the authorities for his work exposing corruption among Russian officials. But making him a martyr does not seem to help the Kremlin at this point.



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The headlines are grim. Alexei Navalny, a key leader of the Russian opposition, is currently fighting for his life in a coma after allegedly being poisoned in Siberia.
A medical team from Germany is en route to the hospital today to transport Navalny to Berlin for treatment.
Navalny, who has been the victim of numerous attacks over the years, was reportedly asked by a group of supporters in the city of Tomsk a day before he became ill why he wasnt dead yet. According to one supporter,
He rep…

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