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Twitch star Timthetatman finally won a game of Fall Guys – The Verge

Winning a game of Fall Guys can be a real challenge. But for top Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan, it seemed like an impossible task. Until today, when he claimed a crown in front of nearly 340,000 live viewers.



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He did it, but were you there?
Image: Mediatonic
While the world writhes in the clutches of a seemingly never-ending wave of chaos, one Twitch streamers heartwarming struggle to win a game of the new battle royale sensation Fall Guys is a story we can all happily rally around.
Timothy TimTheTatMan Betar, a streamer best known for playing popular battle royale games and his tight friendships with other well-known names in the Fornite and adjacent communities, has been struggling to claim a c…

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