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Quake will be free on PC during Quakecon 2020 – TweakTown

Bethesda is giving away free copies of id’s grisly medieval shooter Quake during Quakecon 2020, and maybe even Quake II too.



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Bethesda is giving away free copies of Quake to everyone who tunes into Quakecon 2020 next weekend.
Photo credit: Gameqraft
Quakecon 2020 kicks off next weekend on August 7, and to celebrate Bethesda is giving away id’s classic brutal FPS Quake during the event. To grab your free copy, simply log into and add it to your account. This version of Quake will be exclusive to the launcher of course.
The publisher also plans to give out Quake II for free if a $10,000 chari…

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