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Want to exercise but have chronic pain? A doctor can help. So can a dog – ABC News

Akii Ngo has lived with chronic pain since she was a child, and says her two dogs help her to exercise regularly. There are professionals who can help as well — but finding the right one can be difficult.



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Akii Ngo was eight years old when it became obvious to her that the pain she was experiencing wasn’t normal.
Even then, she says, “it was brushed off for a number of years as women’s pains, period pains, et cetera”.
She finally underwent surgery at 16, after a scan revealed that a spinal injury was causing nerve pain and weakness in her legs.
It’s no wonder, then, that Ms Ngo was never particularly into sport or exercise.
“I missed out on a lot of stuff at school, I didn’t join in any of tho…

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