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Stonehenge megaliths’ origin tracked by scientists to West Woods site 25 kilometres away – ABC News

Geochemical testing indicates that 50 of Stonehenge’s 52 pale-gray sandstone megaliths share a common origin at a site about 25 kilometres away, but how the 9-metre, 27-tonne ‘sarsens’ were moved remains anyone’s guess.



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Scientists have solved an enduring mystery about Stonehenge, determining the place of origin of many of the megaliths that make up the famed monument in Wiltshire, England, thanks to a core sample that had been kept in the United States for decades.

  • A core sample of the sarsens was taken in the 1950s during conservation work
  • The stones stand up to 9 metres tall and weigh up to 27 tonnes
  • Smaller stones at Stonehenge have been tracked to 250km away in Wales


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