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Domino’s hints at free pizza giveaway for ‘mask-wearing, law-abiding Karens’ – PerthNow

It’s been a tough time for Karens lately, but Domino’s has launched a campaign giving away free pizza — for “mask-wearing, law-abiding” women of the same name.



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Its been a tough time for Karens lately.
Over the past few months, the name has taken on a WHOLE new meaning. And not in a good way.
For the uninitiated, a Karen has become known as a derogatory term for a white, middle-class woman who behaves in a rude, obnoxious or insufferable way.
Urban Dictionary casts the net wider to include women who revel in making the lives of retail workers a living hell by constantly complaining, threatening to sue someone for a minor indiscretion or being an anti…

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