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Qantas B747: History Special – – Sam Chui

History of Qantas B747. The last Qantas B747, VH-OEJ departed Sydney, Australia on 22 July, 2020. It drew an iconic kangaroo in the sky on its final journey to the airplane boneyard in Mojave, California via Los Angeles.



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Of all the aircraft retirements, there was never going to be one as significant as the last Qantas 747. Qantas, celebrating their centenary this year, have been flying international since before WW2 and were operating round the world (by flying to London via Asia/Europe and via the Pacific, San Francisco and New York) with 707s by 1959 (the transatlantic leg ended in the early 1970s). However the fares were out of the reach of everyone but captains of industry, movie stars and diplomats. Everyon…

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