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Afghan girl Qamar Gul grabs AK-47, kills Taliban attackers who murdered her parents – ABC News

When Taliban militants killed her parents for refusing to pay protection money, Qamar Gul took her father’s rifle and shot two of them dead. Now she’s being praised as a hero by Afghans fearful of the Taliban’s possible return to power.



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A teenage girl in Afghanistan has been praised for her bravery after killing two Taliban militants who attacked her home and killed her parents.
Key points:

  • A photo of Qamar Gul holding an AK-47 went viral after the firefight
  • She and her younger brother have been moved to a safer place
  • Afghans are fearful that peace talks with the Taliban could see the erosion of some hard-won women’s rights

Last week a group of 40 insurgents stormed the village of Geriveh, i…

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