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JobKeeper and JobSeeker extended for months but rates cut and eligibility tightened – ABC News

The JobKeeper wage subsidy will continue for another six months but at $1,200 a fortnight, while the coronavirus-inflated JobSeeker payment will continue for another three months at $800 a fortnight after September.



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Payments will be cut but unemployed Australians and workers on the Federal Government’s coronavirus wage subsidy program will continue to receive support beyond the planned JobSeeker and JobKeeper end date.
Key points:

  • JobKeeper will fall from $1,500 a fortnight to $1,200 a fortnight in September and fall again in 2021
  • People working fewer than 20 hours a week will receive $750 in September and $650 in 2021
  • The JobSeeker payment will fall from $1,100 to $800 a fortnight…

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