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AMD announces the Ryzen 4000G series Renoir APUs for pre-built OEM desktops; claims a slam dunk when compared with Intel 9th gen Coffee Lake –

AMD has now officially unveiled the Ryzen 4000 APU series for pre-built OEM desktops across consumer and commercial segments. The Ryzen 4000G APUs sport the exact same configuration as their mobile counterparts but feature additional TDP headroom that allows …



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AMD also showed off some performance metrics comparing the Ryzen 4000G against competing offerings from Intel 9th gen chips. Of course, these are AMD’s numbers and we will have to test the claims ourselves to be sure. However, we do get an idea of the kind of performance boosts that can be expected from this lineup.
The Ryzen 7 4700G showed significant leads in both single and multi-core Cinebench tests when compared with the Core i7-9700. The maximum performance delta was seen in the multi-co…

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