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Coronavirus Australia live updates: BLM protests linked to tower outbreaks –

Health authorities have confirmed a links between coronavirus cases in Black Lives Matter protests and a cluster of at least 242 cases in Melbourne’s public housing towers.



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Today show host Karl Stefanovic has made an emotional plea to move all infected care home residents to hospital immediately.
Two more people died in Victoria yesterday and there are outbreaks in 24 aged care homes.
The breakfast show spoke to a resident in one of those homes, 83-year-old Graeme Smith, who just lost a friend to the virus. Twelve cases have been detected in his home in Werribee.
He said he would like to see infected residents taken straight to hospital.
After the interview had finished, Stefanovic made an emotional plea for more to be done.
“Graeme is sitting in there, he has lost a friend, this virus is in his aged care facility,” Stefanovic said.
“You just heard him then, you saw his heartbreak, you saw his emotion. If we can’t look after these people then what are we doing?
“If he wants one simple thing, and Bill Shorten has said it, let’s move them out, let’s try and give these people some comfort in the midst of this crisis. We have got to do more. I’m sorry.”
Mr Smith held back tears as spoke about the death of one of his friends.
“It brings it very close to home,” he said. “It’s not far from where I am and, yeah, it was a bit of a shock.
“But I guess with the COVID-19 infection virus as bad as it is and as contagious as it is it was bound to happen sooner or later it would spread into a nursing home.
“But I think they have been taking steps here to screen the staff as they come on duty each shift and I don’t know that there is much more they can do to give better protection.
“But I think moving us into a medical facility once a positive case is detected would be a good move.”

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