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The Palace Letters revealed in full – Sydney Morning Herald

The documents behind the 1975 dismissal of the Whitlam Government illuminate one of the biggest events in the nation’s history.



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The National Archives of Australia on Tuesday released the so-called Palace Papers, correspondence between Governor-General John Kerr and Buckingham Palace.
The full original documents are accessible below.
They are organised into six groups – as they were released by the National Achives – with a text index for each group listed below the clickable tile that will take you to the documents.
The six groups are organised in chronological order.
8 Oct 1975
From: Sir Martin CharterisTo: Sir John Kerr
Subjects:Response to letter of 30 Sep 1975Her Majesty thanks you for keeping her informedConstitutional crisis
2 Oct 1975
From: Sir Martin CharterisTo: Sir John KerrSubjects:Response to two letters of 20 Sep 1975Papua New Guinea independence celebrationsQueen had a full account from Prince Charles of his talks with you, including the possibility of the Prime Minister asking the Queen to terminate your commissionPolitical situation in Australia
30 Sep 1975
From: Sir John KerrTo: Sir Martin CharterisSubjects:Conversation with the Prime Minister on 29 Sep 1975 on the political and constitutional problems and the Prime Ministers proposed options, including Half Senate ElectionPrivate oral advice from Attorney-General re section 53 of constitution that the Senate has the legal power to reject the Appropriation BillsDoubt about Sir John and Lady Kerrs visit to Canada and London (due to depart on 5 Nov 1975)
24 Sep 1975
From: Sir Martin CharterisTo: Sir John KerrSubjects:Response to letter of 12 Sep 1975Prince of Wales has advised the Queen of problems the Governor-General is facing in AustraliaHandwritten postscript re Eugene Forseys book, The Prerogative of the Dissolution

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