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Starwatch: Jupiter at its brightest in opposition – MSN UK

Jupiter is at its closest to Earth and directly opposite the sun – so will be conspicuous for its brightness



Starwatch chart 11 July 2020 Jupiter in opposition
On 14 July at 09:00 BST, Jupiter will be directly opposite the sun in the sky. Known as opposition, it marks the middle of the weeks when the planet is at its best for observing because it is closest to Earth. From Jupiters perspective, our world will be at inferior conjunction, meaning that it will be directly in-line with the sun. The chart shows the view looking south at midnight tonight from London. Jupiter will be quite low in the night sky, close to the main body of Sagittarius, the archer. It will be conspicuous because of its brightness and its proximity to another bright planet, Saturn.
Observers in the southern hemisphere will find the planet pair much higher in the sky. From Sydney, they will appear at the zenith.
Early risers should also keep at eye on the eastern sky on the mornings of 16 and 17 July. A slim waning crescent moon will slip past the planet Venus and the star Aldebaran, making a very pleasing grouping to get your day off to a proper start.

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