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Six months into the pandemic, how much closer are we to a vaccine? – Sydney Morning Herald

The global effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is making dramatic progress, with human trials under way and experts saying projects are advancing “incredibly well”.



It has what Professor Belz calls a “nice big spike protein”, which makes it a perfect target for vaccines.
The university’s “molecular clamp” vaccine will be given to volunteers to test its safety and whether it can raise protective antibodies, after it showed promise in animal studies.
Professor Paul Young, co-leader of the universitys vaccine team, said: “Like every vaccine trial, this may or may not succeed, its not a guarantee, but were confident well get a positive outcome.”
Molecular clamp technology works by holding the virus’ spike protein in the right shape for the human immune system to develop immunity.
The technology is untested and has never been used to develop a working vaccine.
Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, founder of Vaxine an Australian biotech competing to develop its own vaccine said: “Fancy engineering does not always translate to better vaccines.”
He said molecular clamp technology was based on “work

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