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MasterChef 2020: Fans shocked by Gordon Ramsay’s fridge –

MasterChef 2020: Fans shocked by Gordon Ramsay’s fridge



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Renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay returned via video link to MasterChef: Back to Win on Monday, but there was one detail about his appearance that struck fans.Calling in to set Monday’s Mystery Box challenge from his property in the UK’s Cornwall, the fiery celebrity chef, who had appeared in the first week of the competition, opened up his fridge to reveal the items the contestants would be cooking with.
But much to the shock of fans, in clear view on the top shelf, the star had a number of mini plastic Evian bottles.
Astounded by the sheer amount of plastic, unimpressed viewers flocked to social media to blast the star chef:
Later in the episode, competition dark horse Emelia Jackson secured the first place in the MasterChef: Back to Win semi finals.
Opting to make an intricate “compressed choux pastry” made with items from Ramsay’s fridge including rhubarb and strawberry, the cake chef wowed the judges with her creation.
The “innovative technique” was met with delight by the judges, particularly Jock Zonfrillo, who came away grinning after seeing her dessert in progress.
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Up against Callum Hann, competition bestie Laura Sharrad and frontrunner Reynold Poernomo, Emelia had remarked that she was “bringing out the big guns” for the challenge.
Throughout the cook, Emelia had revealed she’d messed up her compressed choux pastry twice before, so was taking quite a gamble in whipping it out for finals week.
It certainly paid off, with Melissa, Andy and Jock blown away by her stunning plate of food.
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As one fan put of the presentation:
Meanwhile, Callum’s adventurous dessert was again full of conflicting flavours, and while Reynold’s chawanmushi and Laura’s fancy fish and veg were impressive, they were no match for Emelia’s intricate pastry.
After her win was announced, Emelia told the camera: “I have been so intimidated throughout this entire competition. And to think that I am in the semi-final, I never pictured this as a reality, ever.”
Speaking to the Herald Sun on Saturday, 31-year-old Emelia revealed how “overwhelming” her second shot at MasterChef had been.
“The physical feeling (of being on the show) is like when you are on a rollercoaster and you get to the top and you have that split half second before you have that big drop where you freak out and regret everything,” Emelia said.
She added: “That is the feeling of it, this overwhelming, massive adrenaline rush. It really is like a cauldron, the pressure is on, everything is bubbling away.”
Australia’s leading bookmakers are all tipping Emelia to win MasterChef, with the cook having held the top spot as favourite for weeks.
And back in April, eliminated contestant Courtney Roulston picked Emelia as the winner.
“If I was to pick a dark horse, I reckon Emelia Jackson,” she said.
Speaking on The Project earlier on Monday night, eliminated contestant Reece Hignell said he too hopes Emelia takes the crown.
MasterChef: Back to Win continues Tuesday night from 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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