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Coronavirus cases: Staggering infection surge in Florida –

Coronavirus cases: Staggering infection surge in Florida



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The US state of Florida today registered a record breaking 15,299 coronavirus cases in a single day.The daily increase smashes the previous record for a US state previously held by New York of 12,274 cases on April 4.
It also surpasses California’s 11,694 cases registered on Wednesday.
Florida has recorded 55,842 new cases in just five days as the outbreak worsens across the US.
Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis ordered an end to the state’s lockdown on May 4, well before most other states.
US health official Anthony Fauci criticised that policy on Thursday, saying Florida had moved out of its lockdown before public health indicators justified such the move.
In a partial reversal in late June, Mr DeSantis ordered bars to be closed again.
Nonetheless, infections continued to rise.
More than a quarter of a million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Florida.
At least 4346 people have died from coronavirus in the state.
Walt Disney World reopened in Florida on Saturday despite the coronavirus surge.
Yesterday the US recorded 63,051 new cases. That’s down from 66,625 the day before but well beyond the previous peak of 48,529 on April 26.
The nation has recorded more than 3.2 million infections — well beyond second-placed Brazil’s 1.8 million and India’s 849,000.
There have been more than 134,000 deaths in the US linked to the coronavirus outbreak.
Authorities in Texas recently warned coronavirus is spreading so fast in southern US tracing is no longer possible.
Meanwhile in Australia, cases continue to surge in Victoria. The state recorded 273 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday.
Of the new cases, 22 are linked to outbreaks, 25 were identified through routine testing and 226 are under investigation.
No new cases have been detected in returned travellers in hotel quarantine.
To date, 24 people have died from coronavirus in Victoria.

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