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This Tool Finds the Best NBN Plans for Every Connection – Gizmodo Australia

Working out your NBN connection type and the best NBN plan for your home can be be confusing. Fortunately, this online tool will work it all out for you.



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The NBN is a confusing beast. It can be hard to determine if you can even get it and what connection type you have. And thats before you even get to working out the best NBN plans. Fortunately, this online tool will work it all out for you.
This tool has been developed by Whistleout, an Australian plan comparison site. Youll often see its phone and NBN plan widgets pop up in Gizmodo articles written on those subjects.
How it finds the best NBN plans
The tool basically populates the best possible plans for your NBN connection, based on your home or office address. And this is important because there are seven different types of NBN connections in Australia and each vary in quality and speed.
In other words, this NBN tool saves you opening a tonne of telco websites to manually compare the best NBN plans.
And here it is:
One you pop your address in you can choose the data amount youre after. From there the search button will take you to a dedicated page full of customisable plan options.
The plans that populate will be dedicated to your technology type. So if you have FTTP it will show compatible plans. The same goes for Satellite, HFC, etc.
However, its worth noting that NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans are currently displaying for all connection types. We understand that Whistleout is currently looking into this. In practice these plans are only available on HFC and FTTP connections.
If youre not sure what NBN connection type you have, the tool can tell you that too. You just need to hover the mouse above the little information bubble and it will be revealed:
The tiny information icon will tell you what NBN connection is available at your address
If you dont have NBN access, it will let you know if its coming to your area soon. It will also show you ADSL plan alternatives, like home wireless broadband.
Once you get to look at the plans you can choose from a number of sorting options. These include lowest price, highest speed, minimum total cost and more.
There are also further filtering options if you really want to get specific. Youre able to customise things like contract length and modem type. You can even remove certain telcos from the search results or choose to only see ones that currently have deals.
So if youre keen to take some of the guess work out of NBN plans and connections, give it a go.
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