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How To Watch Nintendo’s Paper Mario Treehouse This Weekend – Kotaku Australia

Nintendo’s latest Treehouse presentation takes place this weekend. Here’s how to watch it in Australia and every game being shown.



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Nintendos latest Treehouse presentation will air this Saturday. Its set to feature a Paper Mario showcase alongside a mystery new game from studio Wayforward.
The upcoming Treehouse will show off new content for Paper Mario: The Origami King, set for release on July 17. The Kotaku US team recently got hands-on with the game and were impressed by its puzzle battles but outside of the initial trailer teases and brief previews, we havent seen much of the game yet.
All we know so far is the latest Treehouse will highlight new gameplay and a fresh look at the title.
Also on show will be a mystery announcement from indie developers WayForward. This game is described as a franchise new to

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