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Parallel Economics – What’s Your Idea?



For those of you who’ve been loyal readers of our magazine for the last few years, you will know how we love coming up with ideas for Parallel Economic Development. But now it’s your turn.

For too long, debate has focused on mine sites being liabilities and we need to shift the thinking to explore the positive potential of mine sites and the adjoining rehabilitated and buffer land areas.

Parallel Economic Development uses mine land for ideas that will help deliver growth and shape the regions identity with new opportunities now and into the future. These opportunities could include, tourism, industry, agriculture, education, research and logistics.

If you’ve missed some of the ideas over the years here’s a recap. 

On the agriculture side of things, we’ve covered everything from a Christmas Tree Farm, Botanic Gardens, Feedlots, Hemp Farms to a Hunter Arboretum.

For the motorheads there was the Dirt Bike Disneyland, Driver Training Facility and Drag & Drift Park. 

To get the tourism flowing into the Hunter how about a Super Stadium, Water Park, Adventure Playground, Hunter Hollywood or Sculpture Park.

Don’t forget industry with an Emergency Services Hub or Military Base, Pumped Hydroelectric Storage, CSIRO Research Facility, University Faculty Campus or a Road, Rail and Air Freight Logistics Hub.

Animal lovers, we’ve got you covered. What about a Camp Draft Arena or Equestrian Centre? A Retired Racehorse Haven or a zoo that could compete with Australia Zoo. 

Then there’s my personal favourite ‘Space Base’ which would see a private enterprise space station built on mine land here in the Hunter. 

Okay, so maybe some of our ideas have been a little outlandish, but if you’re gonna dream, then dream big!

On a serious note, here in the Hunter we have a big opportunity to re-set the bar for mine rehabilitation and land use potential in Australia. But what do you think? We’d love to hear some of your ideas for Parallel Economic Development here in the Hunter or let us know which of our ideas you think are worth a second look.

Write us an email, give us a call or send us a message on Facebook. If your idea is good enough to get published, then we’ll send you a $50 Bunnings Voucher!

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