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No Breaks for Bryce



Superstar 26-year-old Bryce Holmes has no plans of slamming the breaks on his riding career anytime soon. 

From just the age of 5, Bryce Holmes has put his hand to the throttle and raced his way up the ranks of the motocross world.

Starting his racing career on flat track, on to Enduro and C Grade, then hitting the peak of his racing career at pro level, Bryce now wants to make a name for himself in the Freestyle Motocross arena.

“I found myself loving the exhilaration of the jumps, so I found myself searching out the biggest jumps I can find and here I am a free rider,” Bryce said.

“I am looking into some comps in the Freestyle competitions area and would like to compete in Best Whip and try my hand at Quarter Pipe.”

Bryce exudes passion and commitment to continue riding and challenging himself as an athlete adding, “I’d like to return to America to advance my skills and push my limits.”

When life has given Bryce bumps he has decided to jump them, experiencing some injuries and setbacks throughout his career.

“At the moment, I have an injured knee which hasn’t stopped me or kept me off the bike, but I have had to go and invest in some new knee braces and change up my riding style to prevent any further injuries,” Bryce added. 

Even as a youngster Bryce couldn’t reach the ground and would fall over in the pits before the race had even started, but this was no match for the passionate rider always overcoming and adapting.

Riding has become a lifestyle for Bryce following him throughout his career, work and even his spare time. When he’s not working his day job as an operator at The Island Action Sports Complex, he’s out Freeriding using it as an escape from the real world.

“I don’t care if I am faster or better than someone, I’d rather just go out and have fun and do what I want to do, it’s my way to express myself and get away from everyday life,” Bryce added.

Bryce has big plans for 2019, continuing his love for riding by pursuing his Freeriding interests and recently launching his own casual clothing brand Fifteen %.

Many sponsors have provided support along the way with Bryce mentioning, Marx Foster Tyres and Mechanical, Whiskey Throttle Industries, Thrill Seekers Collection, Maitland Motorcycles, Anonymous Gloves, Brags Design, The Struggle and Blitzed images. 

The family man also expressed his appreciation for his dedicated parents adding, “I’d like to thank mum and dad for everything they have done for me and my career.”

Follow Bryce’s Career on his Instagram @holmes_15_

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