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Retired miner Ron Sampson has found a way to turn people’s junk into incredible and imaginative art.

There’s nothing more that Ron enjoys then puttering around in the shed creating inventive sculptures and artworks from, believe it or not… scrap metal and old tools.

Ron’s always been interested in art and design, but never had much time to for it during his working career, first in the army and then in the mining industry out at Mt Thorley.

But when he finished up in mining, Ron finally had the time to spend on his hobby and it wasn’t long before it turned into something more.

“I’d always done some drawing, science fiction kind of stuff, I like it to be a bit out there. One day I decided to try and make something from one of my drawings and that’s when this all started.” Ron said.

From his first piece which was a water feature, it wasn’t long before Ron was building up a collection, each piece more remarkable then the last.

“I’d look at an old piece of scrap and I’d see a shape or form and it would go from there. Sometimes it would turn out to be what I had envisioned, but sometimes it would evolve into something completely different.” Ron said.

When it comes to making the pieces, Ron’s old school and it’s mostly done by hand and with basic tools. He’s got a MIG welder on which he’s completely self-taught and loves to play around on his 100-year-old anvil.

Ron is proof that it’s never to late to follow your passion and try something new. Make sure you check out his amazing work on his Facebook page.

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